Theft Crime Lawyer in Atlanta

By: Michael Bixon, Irina Dmitriyev

The act of theft is a criminal offense in the state of Georgia. It is a broad term used to describe a crime in which an individual intentionally takes the property of another in order to use said property for their own personal use without payment or permission. All theft in the state of Georgia is classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If the stolen property values less than $500, theft is classified as a misdemeanor and includes fines and jail time up to $1000 and 1-year, respectively. If the theft of the property or services valued more than $500, an individual can face anywhere from 1-10 years in prison. Within the state of Georgia, there are several types of theft.

Theft by taking means that an individual illegally procured property that belonged to another individual. Regardless of how the property was obtained, if the individual has robbed the previous owner of their property, they can be charged. Another form of theft is by conversion. This is a form of theft in which an individual uses money or property that belongs to someone else for their own means. For example, if an employer had given their employee funds for a bank deposit and the employee used that money for some other means, that is considered theft by conversion.

Theft by deceiving is another form of theft in Georgia. This particular type of theft could include something as simple as charging an individual for services that were not rendered. More so, theft by deception could include elaborate scheming in an effort to rob someone of money or property. Theft of services, on the other hand, involves receiving services with no intention to pay for them. For example, if one were to have a meal at a restaurant without paying for it, the act would be considered a theft of service.

If an individual receives, attempts to rid themselves of, or keeps stolen property having, or should have known that it was stolen would be facing charges of theft by receiving stolen property. Furthermore, keeping someone’s lost property or not making a reasonable effort to return it is considered theft by lost or mislaid property. For example, if an individual found someone’s wallet and either kept it or made no effort to find the owner, they would be in violation of this particular type of theft. Other types of theft in the state of Georgia include shoplifting, trading corporate secrets, extortion, and so on.

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