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DUI Defense Attorney Decatur, GA

Through many years of experience, we at Bixon Law, LLC have learned that knowledge of procedural rules are key in any criminal defense case. We are well versed in dui defense proceedings in the Decatur area and consistently monitor new rules and changes in the law. The state can devote a lot of resources to your case, so you need a professional dui defense lawyer who is equipped to fight hard for your rights. The legal team at Bixon Law, LLC has defended many clients at evidence hearings and may be able to persuade a judge to throw out your case. At Bixon Law, LLC, we go to work quickly, reviewing your dui defense case and searching for any discrepancies in the arguments of the state.

The legal team at Bixon Law, LLC knows the law well and is often able to refute prosecutors’ arguments when they attempt to bend Decatur area, state, or even federal law to their will. Our knowledge of dui defense case history in the Decatur area, as well as the rules of evidence in standard law, can offer far greater representation in your dui defense case.

At Bixon Law, LLC, we have seen countless clients from other dui defense firms come to us and experience our unique and professional approach to representation. Our Decatur area clients have seen that an experienced dui defense firm like us can make all the difference.

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In dui defense cases, Decatur area juries will not know the events leading to the trial. Decisions are instead based on the dui defense representation of each party. If you face dui defense matters in the Decatur area, do not take them lightly. Call us at Bixon Law, LLC to ensure your side of the story is properly heard.

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Michael Bixon is a life-long believer in making the best of any situation and looking forward to a bright future. He brings that same philosophy to his practice and focus in helping people facing insurmountable circumstances. For Michael, going out of his way for his clients, being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ensuring they receive just representation is the only way to operate his practice.

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